Vacant Homes Scheme

Are you aware of a vacant home in your area?

If you are aware of a vacant home in your area please contact us and we will try to contact the owner to see if it is possible to bring this house back into use.


Vacant Homes,
Housing Department,
Cavan County Council,
Farnham Street

Phone: 049 437 8360

The website has been developed as a central portal for individuals to anonymously log possible vacant properties and alert local authorities who can then follow up with the owners to see whether the house can be re-used quickly.

The website provides information for property owners about how to bring their house back into use. We encourage you to use this service. Access the Vacant Homes website at

Do you own a vacant home?

Cavan County Council is seeking to acquire suitable properties throughout Cavan to provide housing and achieve targets under the Social Housing Strategy through buying and leasing properties.



  • Families with a housing need. 
  • Creation of these new homes will protect services and help stimulate the local economy.
  • Help combat homelessness