Visit the Revenue Commissioners website - This link will open in a new windowRevenue deals with the assessment and collection of taxes and duties.

Revenue's mandate derives from obligations imposed by statute and by Government and as a result of Ireland's membership of the European Union. The duties of the Revenue Commissioners includes:

  • Assessing, collecting and managing taxes and duties that account for over 93% of Exchequer Revenue.
  • Administering the Customs regime for the control of imports and exports and collection of duties and levies on behalf of the EU.
  • Working in co-operation with other State Agencies in the fight against drugs and in other cross Departmental initiatives.
  • Carrying out Agency work for other Departments.
  • Collection of PRSI for the Department of Social, Community and Family Affairs.
  • Provision of policy advice on taxation issues.

The Revenue Commissioners website offers a range of advice and online services that will ensure your business is up date on current tax rates and duties.

To find out more about the range of services offered by the Revenue Commissioners, please visit the following website: