We aim to ensure that every household has a dwelling suitable to its needs, located in an acceptable environment, at a price or rent it can afford.


Contact information

General queries: housing@cavancoco.ie

If your query relates to a particular area of Housing, you can send your query to the relevant email address as below;

HAP: hap@cavancoco.ie

Grants: housinggrants@cavancoco.ie

RAS: ras@cavancoco.ie


For Council Tenants only

Rent Unit: housingrents@cavancoco.ie

Tenants: lettings@cavancoco.ie

Maintenance: HousingMaintenance@cavancoco.ie


For Local Authority Borrowers only

Marp: LoanArrears@cavancoco.ie

Advice for landlords

Your rights and obligations as a landlord.

Advice for tenants

Your rights and obligations as a tenant.

Housing applications

How to apply for social housing in County Cavan.

Housing grants

How to apply for housing grants.

Tenant Purchase Scheme

Information on how, if applicable. you may be able to purchase your local authority house.

Loans and schemes

A range of loans and grants which are available to the residents of County Cavan.

Housing Complaints

Advice for private and housing association tenants who wish to make a complaint.

Waste disposal

Look at the range of options available to dispose of your domestic waste.

Traveller accommodation

Read the new Traveller Accommodation Programme

Repair and Leasing Scheme

Find out how to avail of the Repair and Leasing Scheme

Vacant Homes

Information on realising the potential of vacant properties 

European Regional Development Fund

European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) 2014-2020 Operational Programme Energy Efficiency works under the Social Housing Energy Efficiency Retrofitting Programme.

Differential Rent Scheme

Cavan County Council's Differential Rent Scheme, which supersedes all existing rent schemes, will apply with effect from 1st November 2019.

Homelessness Action Plan

Read the North East Region Homelessness Strategic Management Group and North East Region Homelesness Consultative Forum's Homelessness Action Plan 2018-2020

Private Rented Accommodation

Information on the obligations of landlords with regard to private rented accommodation