What we and you can do to protect the environment and enhance the quality of life.

Climate Change

Cavan County Council's plans to act against Climate Change

Environmental management

Facilities and services used to manage the environment in Cavan

The environment and the law

Got a complaint or are you concerned? Let us know your thoughts or concerns about the environment.

Environmental Complaint Form

Please fill out this form if you have a complaint about general environmental pollution matters

Water Quality Management

How Cavan County Council manage the rivers, lakes, water supplies and systems in County Cavan

Electric Vehicles

Cavan was the first town outside of major urban centres to receive an on-street charging point.

Waste Management

Learn about waste management

Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare in County Cavan.

Drinking Water and Pesticides

Advice for pesticide users on measures to protect drinking water sources.

Invasive Species

Invasive species threaten our native biodiversity, can cause havoc on the recreational value of an area and have negative economic consequences for local industries. 

Water services

A range of services and schemes which are used to manage and improve the water supply in County Cavan.

Noise Action Plan

The County Cavan Noise Action Plan has been prepared as required by the European Communities Environmental Noise Regulations 2018 (S.I. No. 549/2018).


Information on maintaining air quality in County Cavan

Green Schools

Green-Schools is Ireland’s leading environmental management and education programme for schools.