Communication is about getting the message out about what we are doing.

It is also about making sure that we really listen to our customers, so that their expectations can inform the ongoing development of the organisation. Only that way can we be sure that we are responding to real needs.

Information and Communication Strategy

The overall aim of this Strategy is to make sure that there is clear, consistent and appropriate communication between Cavan Local Authorities and relevant stakeholders, both in the organisation and external to it.

Cavan Local Authorities developed this Information and Communication Strategy and Action Plan in order to set out:

  • how we currently communicate with different audiences
  • how we intend to improve our ways of communicating with staff and with people outside the organisation.

The Strategy is an important document, because it commits us to:

  • improving how we communicate
  • adopting a common approach to communication right across Cavan Local Authorities.

The purpose of the strategy is to provide a co-ordinated approach to:

  • conveying the local authorities’ messages
  • receiving information from other sources.

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