To provide an adequate and safe road network to cater for the social, economic, and leisure needs of the people using it.

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Traffic news

Traffic news in County Cavan.

Road schemes

Information about the funding and maintenance of the transport network within County Cavan.

N3 Virginia Bypass

Cavan County Council under the aegis of the TII, has commenced development of a new project for the N3 Virginia Bypass

Road safety

Advice for safe road use. To contact the Road Safety Officer, email or call 049-4378466

Public transport

A guide to the public transport network within County Cavan and how you can use it.


You can report a faulty public light in the charge of the Council directly to the Maintenance Contractor.

Severe weather

Important information and advise to all road users for the Winter Period.

Community schemes

Community (part funded) schemes.

Permits and licenses

Permits and licences for specialist activities that involve the transport network in County Cavan.

Public liability

How to make an application for a claim if your vehicle has been damaged or you have been injured because of any defects within our roads or footpaths.

Motor Tax

Notice regarding Level 5 Restrictions

In line with current public health guidance, the public are encouraged to conduct Motor Tax business online or by post, as our public counter is closed for the duration of Level 5 restrictions. For more information, see Pay Your Motor Tax



Information for vehicle owners, vehicle importers and new drivers.


Management of parking makes our towns more accessible and attractive to shoppers, business people and tourists.