N3 Virginia Bypass

The M3 Motorway and N3 national primary route form a strategic radial corridor linking Dublin with Cavan and onward to Enniskillen and beyond to Sligo and Letterkenny. Virginia is the last remaining town on the N3 national route from Dublin to the NI Border which has not been bypassed.

Cavan County Council, in conjunction with Meath County Council, has commenced the development of a scheme for the improvement of the N3 national primary route within a study area commencing from the existing N3 dual carriageway north of Kells in Co. Meath, and extending to the existing N3 north of Virginia Town in Co. Cavan.

In 2018, Cavan County Council under the aegis of the TII, commenced development of a new project for the N3 Virginia Bypass, in accordance with TII’s Project Management Guidelines. In view of the time that has elapsed, the significant changes to design standards and environmental considerations and the substantial increase in traffic volumes, it has been necessary to re-appraise the project.

The N3 Virginia Bypass is one of the sections of road specifically highlighted in the National Development Plan 2018 - 2027 and it will significantly improve accessibility and journey times between Dublin, Cavan Town and the North West Region.

The current commission is to bring the project through the Planning and Design Phases, Phases 1 to 3 of the TII Project Management Guidelines.

Project Website

Visit the project website at http://www.n3virginiabypass.ie/



Cavan County Council, in conjunction with Meath County Council, held a Public Consultation on 11-12 March in relation to the N3 Virginia Bypass. Due to #COVID19, the deadline for return of feedback on this scheme has been extended to 22 May 2020. Details on http://n3virginiabypass.ie