Housing applications

You can apply to Cavan County Council for Social Housing Support if you are in need of housing and cannot afford to provide it from your resources. In assessing your application, the Council will consider such factors as household size, household income, your present accommodation (if any), the condition of that accommodation, and any special circumstances including age, disability, medical circumstances etc. 

You can request an application form by

When completed you should return the form together with all of the relevant information requested to the Housing Section, Cavan County Council, Courthouse, Farnham Street, Cavan Town or drop it into the Customer Services Desk at Johnston Centre, Farnham Street, Cavan Town.

Housing Allocation Scheme

If you are qualified for social housing support, you are then placed on the Council’s housing waiting list. As houses become available for letting they are allocated from the waiting list in order of priority, taking account of all the relevant circumstances. You should remember that your position may go up or down depending on the circumstances of other people on the housing waiting list and as your own circumstances change.