Green Business Tips

Steps you can take towards cost savings in Water, Waste & Energy Waste

Public Houses


  • Ask your suppliers to take back packaging such as cardboard boxes and shrink wrap.
  • Are your bins full when they are emptied? If not, you may be paying for unnecessary collections.
  • Phone around to get the best deal from waste cooking oil collectors.
  • Familiarise yourself with where most of your waste is produced and review your waste management practices accordingly.
  • Look at what food waste you produce and look at ways to minimise this wastage through changes in portion sizes or menu options.
  • Good staff training and standardised recipes ensure consistent results with minimum wastage.
  • Buy condiments in bulk and use ramekins and sauce dispensers instead of sachets.


  • Focus on 3 areas – equipment efficiency, house-keeping & refrigeration
  • Check your electricity bill or check with your supplier to ensure that you are on the correct tariff. The typical pub/bar should be on a ‘General Purpose Night’ Tariff
  • Fit energy saving bulbs in all light fittings and make up to 80% savings on lighting costs saving € hundreds annually.
  • When buying equipment ask about the KWh usage, often suppliers will sell units cheaply but they cost a fortune to run. Get advice from another source on the KWh needed for the purpose.
  • Check door seals on all refrigerators & service all refrigeration equipment regularly. Replace old units and chest freezers especially if they form ‘snow’ and need to be de-frosted regularly
  • Ask your refrigeration contractor for optimum temperature settings. See if there are any cost -saving measures that can be put into place with timers.
  • Pack coolers efficiently with bottles or food. Keep bottles close together to maintain low temperatures.
  • Time-clocks can be placed on cooler system for beer lines. During closed periods pump or cool the lines @ 15minutes per hour. Water cooled beer lines are more efficient than air cooled systems.
  • Is your hot water run from an immersion? If so think about getting a low energy under sink unit for hot water needs. Significant energy cost savings can be made by doing so.
  • Glass Washers should be efficient and run on fast cycles - some can use hot water instead of cold water
  • Icemakers that are air-cooled are far more efficient than those which are water cooled. Make your ice at night on low rate energy
  • Drying cloths outside on a line saves on high energy dryer costs
  • Install thermostatic radiator valves to each radiator and adjust them individually.
  • Buy a roll of Thermafoil wrap and cut to size for putting behind radiators to increase heat output.
  • If you are spending more than €40,000 on your energy bills annually you are entitled to a free Energy check audit and advise by Sustainable Energy Ireland. Go to for more information.

These ideas have been brought to you by Cavan County Council in conjunction with the EPA prevention project.

If you require any further advice or assistance, please contact the Waste Management Section using the details below.