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Since 2014, Irish Water has overall responsibility for managing and delivering water services to homes and businesses served by Public Water Supplies and Wastewater Agglomerations. For further information or to report an issue with:
· Water supply
· Water quality
· Wastewater
Please contact Irish Water by either of the following:
Twitter: @IrishWater
Telephone: 1890 278 278 (LoCall)
Minicom: 1890 378 378 (For hearing impaired customers with minicom
Postal Address: Irish Water, PO Box 860, South City Delivery Office, Cork

Drinking Water Quality Reports up tp 2014 (Cavan County Council)



General Information on Drinking Water

Drinking water parameters


What is cryptosporidium?

Cryptosporidium is a parasitic cyst (oocyst) causing a diarrheal illness called cryptosporidiosis found in humans, farm animals, pets, birds and fish. Cryptosporidium multipliesin the gastrointestinal tract of the host and tiny cryptosporidium oocysts are excretedin very large numbers in the faeces.

What are the main symptoms of cryptosporidiosis?

Symptoms of cryptosporidiosis include watery diarrhoea, stomach cramps, upset stomach and a mildfever. Some people have no symptoms of cryptosporidiosis. Symptoms of cryptosporidiosis can appear two to ten days after someone becomes infected by cryptosporidium and it usually lasts for about two weeks. Cryptosporidium may still be passed in faeces for up to two months and symptoms of cryptosporidiosis will probably be more severe if you have a weaker immune system.

Cavan County Council does not routinely monitor for Cryptosporidium, but does monitor when required under guidance from the HSE.