Cavan County Development Plan 2022-2028

Cavan County Council is commencing the review of the existing Cavan County Development Plan 2014-2020 by preparing the new Cavan County Development Plan 2022-2028 incorporating a Local Area Plan for Cavan Town and Environs. This webpage is designed to keep you up-to-date with the process of the preparation of the Cavan County Development Plan 2022-2028 through each stage until adoption of the Plan in two years time.

The Cavan County Development Plan is a document that sets out the overall strategy and vision for the proper planning and sustainable development of the county over the 6 year period. The plan must be prepared in the context of the framework of national and regional strategies and guidelines and must be prepared in accordance with the provisions of the Planning and Development Act 2000 (as amended).The plan consists of a written statement and accompanying maps. The adopted development plan will guide future development in the county.

A Strategic Environmental Assessment will be carried out as part of the review process and the Planning Authority will prepare an environmental report of the likely significant effects on the environment of implementing the new plan in accordance with the SEA Directive (2001/42/EC) and pursuant to the Strategic Environmental Assessment Regulations 2004 as amended.

Pursuant to Article 6(3) of the Habitats Directive 92/43/EEC and Section 177 of the Planning Development Act 2000 as amended, an Appropriate Assessment of the likely impacts on the Natura 2000 Framework of implementing the new plan will be undertaken.



Development Plan Preparation Process 

There are 4 stages in the preparation of a development plan as outlined in the diagram below.

We are now commencing Stage 1 of the plan preparation.At this stage members of the public, community groups and all other bodies are invited to make submissions on the Strategic Issues Paper before 4 pm on Friday 14th August 2020.

Stage 1

We are here.

The preparation of the new plan is now underway at stage 1 of the process with the commencement of an 8-week public consultation period that takes place from Thursday 18th June 2020 until 4pm on Friday 14th August 2020 (inclusive).  You are hereby invited to make a submission to the Planning Authority in relation to the review of the Cavan County Development Plan 2014-2020 and the preparation of the new Cavan County Development Plan 2022-2028, including the Strategic Environment Assessment and Appropriate Assessment processes.   

The new plan will be different from previous County Development Plans as it will include a Local Area Plan for Cavan Town and Environs area. 

Public Consultation Strategic Issues Paper 

Your Cavan….Have your Say…

To initiate Stage 1 of the County Development Plan making process, a Public Consultation Issues Paper has been prepared, which is intended to stimulate discussion and to encourage public involvement at this early stage in the process.  It will also help identify broad planning and development matters to be considered in the new County Development Plan.  The intention of the Strategic Issues Paper is to present a number of key questions to prompt debate on the issues facing County Cavan.  It does not aim to cover all the issues but simply present some key topics. 

Public Consultation Events

Cavan County Council will be holding the following public consultation events throughout the County as part of the Pre-Draft Public Consultation Phase for the preparation of a new County Development Plan incorporating a new Local Area Plan for Cavan Town and Environs for the period of 2022-2028.

The events will operate as a “drop in” event whereby members of the public will have an opportunity to engage with staff members and discuss strategic issues relevant to the Development Plan review process.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, although appointments are not necessary, it would be helpful if you could email your expected date, arrival time and venue to so that Cavan County Council can manage this public consultation in line with restrictions. 

If you consider that you have a disability which may affect your attendance and participation, please give details of any special requirements in order that appropriate arrangements can be made if necessary. 

Schedule of Public Consultation Events:




6th July 2020

Town Hall, Cavan Town 

Between 3pm and 8pm 

8th July 2020

Cavan County Museum, Ballyjamesduff 

Between 3pm and 8pm 

9th July 2020 

Breffni Arms Hotel, Arvagh 

Between 3pm and 8pm 

13th July 2020 

Bailie Hotel, Bailieborough 

Between 3pm and 8pm 

14th July 2020 

Slieve Russell Hotel, Ballyconnell 

Between 3pm and 8pm 

16th July 2020 

Errigal Hotel, Cootehill 

Between 3pm and 8pm 


COVID-19 Infection Control: In the interests of the safety of the staff, their families and the wider community, Cavan County Council request members of the public when attending events to adhere to controls in place (i.e. social distancing, entrance/exit procedures, hand washing/hand sanitising and general coughing/sneezing etiquette).  

In order to eliminate/minimise the risk of spread of the infection you are requested not to attend the events if you have any typical COVID-19 symptoms, if you have been diagnosed with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 infection within the last 14 days, if you have been in close contact with anyone who was confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19 virus within the last 14 days, if you have been advised by a doctor to self-isolate or cocoon or if you have visited any countries outside the island of Ireland within the last 14 days. 

Making a Submission

Submissions or observations regarding the review of the existing Cavan County Development Plan 2014-2020 and the preparation of the new Cavan County Development Plan 2022-2028 may be made in writing or email to the Planning Authority from Thursday 18th June 2020 to 4pm on Friday 14th August 2020 (both dates inclusive).  Please note these submissions will be published along with your name in accordance with the Planning & Development Act 2000 (amended), but your contact details will not be published.

Children or Groups or Associations representing the interests of children, are entitled to make submissions or observations.

Submissions Should:

  • Relate to the proper planning and sustainable development of County Cavan, from broad policy issues to specific types of development in identified areas.
  • Any submission requesting or proposing the zoning of any land for any use will not be considered at this stage.
  • Include your name and address on a separate page to the content of your submission in order to assist Cavan County Council in complying with the provisions of the Data Protection Act, as submissions are legally required to be published online.
  • Be in one medium only i.e. email or hard copy.  This is to avoid duplication of submission reference number and will streamline the process.

Submissions can be made via one of the following methods:


Hard Copy: Forward Planning Section,

                Planning Department

                Johnston Centre

                Farnham St


                H12 V3W4

Submissions must be received by Cavan County Council no later than 4.00 pm on Friday 14th August 2020.  Due to legal reasons late submissions will not be accepted. 

Submissions Received

Written submissions or observations received by a planning authority shall be published on the authority’s website within 10 working days of its receipt in accordance with section 11 (3A) of the Planning & Development Act 2000 (as amended). Please click here to view submissions received during this stage. 

Personal Data

Next Steps

Following the competition of Stage 1, Stage 2 will commence and subsequently stage 3 and stage 4.  Please note that while the zoning of land will not be considered at Stage 1, there will be further opportunities to make submissions which will relate to the zoning of land and submission relating to other appropriate matters when the Draft Plan is made available to the public; and again should the Draft be amended by your Elected Representatives.