Air emissions licence

Some industrial processes have a potential for major emissions and are required to obtain a licence under the 1987 Air Pollution Act.

Step 1

Step 2

Prepare the plans, maps and drawings which should include a description of the emitting building and where the emissions are planned to be made.

Step 3

Prepare a notice to be placed within the local newspaper to inform local residents that an application is being made and what it is for. A copy of the newspaper which you plan to place the notice in must be made.

Step 4

Send a fee of €126 along with your completed application to the following address. Ensure that your documentation from steps 2 and 3 are provided in your application.

Environment Section
Cavan County Council
17 Farnham Street
Cavan Town
County Cavan

If you have any questions or queries regarding your application for a licence, then please get in touch using the details below.