Adopt a road scheme

Adopt a Road Initiative


Cavan County Council have revised their Adopt a Road Initiative and are currently requesting businesses and community groups who are interested in participating to register their interest. 


This programme relates to the collection of litter from roadside verges and residential areas by businesses or community groups and aims to reduce the amount of litter and its associated problems within County Cavan. 


Litter, for the purposes of this initiative will be any waste similar to, but not restricted to the following materials, that can be physically picked up by one person: paper, cardboard, plastic bags or film, plastic bottles, drinks cans, food cans, food wrappers or containers, packaging waste, cigarette ends.


How does the scheme work?

  • A section of road measuring approximately 1 kilometre in length is allocated to the business or community group wishing to adopt it.  The area to be maintained by you is the road verge (which means the area of land running alongside the designated stretch of carriageway, within a minimum of 1 metre from the road edge).


  • The business or community group must submit to the Council a Litter Maintenance Plan indicating the approximate dates when litter picking activities will be carried 


  • A permanent sign is erected by the Council, displaying the business or community group who has adopted that particular stretch of carriageway.


  • Reflective vests, gloves and a limited number of litter pickers will be provided.


  • Once the litter picking exercise has been carried out, please contact the Waste Management Section of the Council who will arrange for the removal of bags collected.


  • The intention is that the aforesaid initiative should continue for a period of two years.  You and the Council will, however, have the right at any time to withdraw.  Entering into this initiative does not contain any expectation of a renewal of same with you after the initial two year period.


  • Please note that Children under 16 years of age should not participate in a cleanup.


How to apply?

Application forms are available by clicking the link below:


Download the Adopt a Road form (Word doc, 499kb)


Completed application forms should be returned along with supporting documentation to the Waste Management Section by email to or by post to the Waste Management Section, Cavan County Council, Old Library Building, Farnham Street, Cavan, Co. Cavan, H12RV10.