About the Council

Learn more about Cavan County Council and how we provide our services.

Who we are

Cavan County Council, the services we provide, and how we provide them.

Our values

Only by having core values can we provide a first class service to the people of County Cavan.

Corporate Affairs

A look at the corporate plans and services that are carried out by Cavan County Council.

Reserved functions

Learn more about the reserved functions of Cavan County Council.

Human Resources

Find out more about the Human Resources Department and how they ensure that staffing needs in Cavan County Council are met.


Take a look at the Finance Department and their role within Cavan County Council.

Regulation of Lobbying Act 2015

The Regulation of Lobbying Act 2015 provides that the Standards in Public Office Commission will establish and maintain an online Register of Lobbying and oversee compliance with the legislative provisions.  

Strategic Policy Committees

The role of Strategic Policy Committees within Cavan County Council and how they are formed.

Corporate Policy Group

Take a look at the Corporate Policy Group and its role in Cavan County Council.


How to contact the different departments in our organisation.