Slurry Spreading Extension

Slurry Spreading Extension

Farmers have been given until Saturday, 14 October, to apply for a slurry spreading extension, the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine has confirmed.

Published on: 08 Oct 2017

As the closed period for slurry spreading commences on Sunday, 15 October, farmers have been urged to contact the nitrates section of the department by Saturday at the latest.

Farmers wishing to apply for an extension are advised to contact the nitrates section of the department on 053 916 3444 or by emailing:

The application should contain details of the flooding or trafficability situation, the farmer’s herd number and other relevant data, the department added.

Farmers wishing to avail of such flexibility will be advised:

·         To spread only the volume of slurry necessary to ensure adequate storage capacity for the remainder of the closed period;

·         That any spreading should occur as soon as good spreading conditions exist;

·         That they will be prioritised for inspection by local authorities in the immediate future to ensure compliance with the nitrates regulations;

·         That assessment of overall on-farm storage capacity may be part of that inspection process;

·         That the nitrates section of the department will subsequently contact the farmers to ascertain and record the date(s) on which this additional spreading takes place.