Do not consume notice - Billis/ Lavey Group Water Supply Scheme

Do not consume notice - Billis/ Lavey Group Water Supply Scheme

Following consultation with the HSE, Cavan County Council is issuing a do not consume notice with immediate effect to protect the health of all the consumers of water supplied by the Billis/ Lavey Group Water Supply Scheme

Published on: 10 Sep 2021

Samples from the Billis/ Lavey Group Water Supply Scheme have resulted in elevated levels of Manganese being detected leaving the treatment plant and in the network.  The drinking water quality is therefore considered to be significantly compromised and an immediate risk to your health.

Important: Boiling your water will not render it safe to drink. 

 Please use an alternative safe source of drinking water (e.g. bottled water) for the following: 

  • Drinking 
  • Preparing Drinks made with water
  • Cooking of Food.
  • Food Preparation including washing and preparation of salads and similar foods, which are not cooked prior to eating 
  • Brushing of teeth and/or gargling
  • Making of ice. However, ensure you first discard all existing ice cubes in fridges and freezers and filtered water in fridges
  • Preparing Infant Formula. Where a Do Not Consume Notice is in place, you can prepare infant formula from bottled water. All bottled water, with the exception of natural mineral water, is regulated to the same standard as drinking water. It is best not to use bottled water labelled as ‘Natural Mineral Water’ as it can have high levels of sodium (salt) and other minerals, although it rarely does. ‘Natural Mineral Water’ can be used if no other water is available, for as short a time as possible, as it is important to keep babies hydrated. If bottled water is used to make up infant formula it should be boiled once (rolling boil for 1 minute), and cooled in the normal way. Ready-to-use formula that does not need added water can also be used.

IMPORTANT: Water from the hot tap of kitchen or bathroom sinks is not safe to drink.

For further information please contact Billis/ Lavey GWS on 0868318286