County Cavan Joint Policing Committee

County Cavan Joint Policing Committee

Cavan County Council extends an invitation for Community Representation on the County Cavan Joint Policing Committee

Published on: 10 Jan 2020

Cavan County Council has set up a Joint Policing Committee (JPC) as provided for in the Garda Síochána Act 2005. The committee consists of representation from County Councillors, Oireachtas members, the council executive, and the community and voluntary sector.

The purpose of the JPC is to provide a forum where a Local Authority and senior Garda Officers responsible for policing in that area, with the participation of Oireachtas members and community interests, can consult, discuss and make recommendations on matters affecting policing within their jurisdiction.

The main functions of the County JPC are to:

  • Serve as a forum for consultations, discussions and recommendations on policing and crime issues within Local Authority administrative areas.
  • Review levels and patterns of crime and related underlying factors.
  • Meet four times per year.
  • Hold annual public meetings.

Cavan County Council are currently seeking nominations from community-based organisations or groups to be representatives to sit on the County JPC.

Representation is sought under the following categories:

  • Disability Interests
  • Youth Interests
  • Older People Interests
  • Business Interests
  • Community Alert / Neighbourhood Watch
  • Immigrant Community Interests
  • Farming / Rural Community Interests
  • Drugs & Alcohol


If your community organisation or group is interested in putting forward a community representative then please contact: Gráinne Boyle, Cavan County Council, Farnham St., Cavan Town for an Expression of Interest Form which must be returned by the 31st January 2019. For further queries contact Gráinne on 049 437 8586, or email: