Are you on the register of electors?

Are you on the register of electors?

Register of Electors and forthcoming General Election

Published on: 16 Jan 2020

If you feel you have an entitlement to vote but you are not sure whether you are included on the Register of Electors:

  1. Visit the website, and check whether you are listed on same. (This is the live register for 2019/20 and is the register that will be in force for the general election)
  2. If you are not on same, contact us at 049 4378300 or, to check whether you are on the supplement to the register.
  3. If you are advised you are not on the supplement, please complete the Supplement to the Register form (RFA2 form), which is available from Cavan County Council offices and on our website, and return your completed form to Cavan County Council by close of business on Wednesday 22nd January 2020.

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